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Motion Alert Alarm

Marcy poured everything she had into her little gift shop. She rented a little building at the edge of a trendy neighborhood and converted the upstairs into a small apartment for herself.

Although she wished she had more money in her budget for a more elaborate security system, Marcy figured she'd be able to reinvest some of the profits from her business into a high-tech solution pretty quickly.

In the meantime, she picked up a few Motion Alert Alarm devices. 

For a fraction of the cost of a hard-wired security system, Marcy installed wireless Motion Alert Alarm stations throughout the building. Each one includes a keypad that Marcy could use to switch between a chime, which would help her keep track of customers moving through the store, to an alarm, which would sound if someone attempted to sneak into her upstairs living space. She installed each one in just a few minutes, using only a screwdriver.

A few days after her grand opening, traffic in the store evened out a little bit, but kept Marcy pretty busy. Every time a new customer would enter the shop, the Motion Alert Alarm at the front door would welcome them with a discreet chime. Marcy could glance up from whatever she was doing to welcome her guests. Even if she were helping someone else, she would notice the chime from the back room, which sounded when her second Motion Alert Alarm observed someone checking out Marcy's higher priced gifts.

One afternoon, a few of the neighborhood kids stopped in after school. Marcy wondered why kids would be interested in her shop, but hoped they'd at least tell their parents about it.  When one of the kids started asking lots and lots of questions, Marcy wondered if she was being set up. Sure enough, she heard the wail from the Motion Alert Alarm she installed by her apartment.

A second later, a petrified teenager bolted down the stairs out the door. His buddies hustled after him. Not only did the Motion Alert Alarm prevent them from stealing any of her personal belongings, but she was sure that word would get out that her shop was off limits to thieves.

"Now," she thought, "I can take some of the money I was going to spend on upgrading that security system and hire myself an assistant!"

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P.S.  You can put the powerful Motion Alert Alarm to work in your home or business.

For more information and to order, go to http://www.tntpersonalsecurity.com/motion-alert-alarm.html

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