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Unarmed Combat Course

The following is a story how the Unarmed Combat Course was

Unlike most people, Bridget hated quitting time. She wasn't a
workaholic or anything, but ever since her company moved its
office to save on expenses, she dreaded the thought of the four-
block walk to the parking garage.

Winter made things worse.  On top of feeling cold, Bridget couldn't stand to walk down the street in the dark. In the middle
of December, four in the afternoon may as well have been four in
the morning.

Adding insult to injury, her office manager had banned anything
that could be perceived as a weapon from the workplace. Bridget
couldn't bring her pepper spray to work, nor could she invest in
a stun gun. Showing up at the office with anything she could use
to defend herself would get her fired.

When the New Year rolled around, Bridget vowed to get control of
things. She liked her job - and her paycheck - way too much to
just give it up. She thought about taking a martial arts course,
but that would eat up more time out of her day.

Surfing the web for ideas, she stumbled across one name again and

Frank Cucci.

Wondering why so many people were talking about Frank's
revolutionary self-defense system, she discovered that he picked
up some amazing techniques after spending over a decade as a Navy
SEAL. Behind enemy lines, you can't afford to use something that
doesn't work - the first time.

Watching Frank's video, she studied how he blended moves from
different disciplines. Nobody else would even think to mix up
Bruce Lee's fighting moves with straight up roadhouse brawling.
It's what works, Bridget realized, and she didn't have to be a
star martial artist to make it work for her.

A few weeks later, Bridget's co-workers complained about stuff
missing from their desks.  She didn't think too much about it
until she took the stairwell to the lunchroom - and stumbled into
an office thief!

All this time, she had worried about that awful walk to the
garage, when the real threat was right in her own building!

Bridget didn't waste any time, since Frank's visceral learning
style put all those key moves into "muscle memory." Before he
could reach for a weapon, that thief found himself totally
subdued - by a five foot two inch tall office worker!

And for the first time in months, Bridget walked to her car
feeling totally confident in her surroundings.

Yours in safety,


P.S.  Frank Cucci's video can show you the exact moves
Bridget used to take her attacker by surprise and completely
disable him. She didn't need any weapons, and neither will you.
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